Industrial park in Vietnam – Worthy Investment for Businesses

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In recent decades, it is apparent that many industrial parks in Vietnam have been established with a view to promoting national development. To be specific, southern Vietnam has become a go-to choice for any businesses who wants to run a manufacturing business.

Industrial Park in Vietnam
Industrial Park in Vietnam

This writing is to help understand more about industrial parks in Vietnam, why the number of businesses choosing industrial park to operate their manufacture, and which one is considered the most favorite industrial zone in Vietnam these days.

Brief of industrial parks in Vietnam

Nowadays, there are more than 100 industrial zones operating countrywide. Most of them are located in cities which are in the proximity to key economic regions. Not only does this approach help them to avoid high rent but also the traffic congestion happening regularly in the two key economic regions in Vietnam, including Ho Chi Minh and Ha Noi.

According to the development plan of industrial zones in Vietnam, the main goal of these parks is to form a system of public parks. In addition, they play a pivotal role in the developing national industry and restructuring the economoy in localities with low industrial share in GDP.

Reasons for why industrial zones have become worthy investment

There are three main reasons for why more and more businesses choose to operate their manufacture in industrial zones.

Firstly, when it comes to running a business, building an appropriate system for manufacturing costs businesses a lot of money and time. Instead, companies can save a large amount of money if they invest in industrial zones and enjoy offers from these parks. Additionally, quality warehouses are offered with a suitable price in these zones.

Secondly, the fact that industrial zones are always concerns of countries has helped them get a lot of support. Therefore, it is understandable that companies which operates in industrial parks could receive support such as personal and corporate tax incentives.

Lastly, infrastructure for manufacturing and staff’s living is heavily invested at industrial parks. For this reason, companies operating in these zones completely manufacture state-of-the-art products and meet workers’ living standard.

The most favorite industrial park in southern Vietnam – Long Hau Corporation

Long Hau Company is always considered as one of the high-quality industrial parks in Vietnam. Until now, more than 100 domestic and foreign businesses have become its partners. Long Hau Industrial park has not only a location which facilitate logistics but also a prosperous human resource for any companies operating here.

An ideal choice for any businesses – Long Hau Industrial Park
An ideal choice for any businesses – Long Hau Industrial Park

In order to achieve the sustainable development, Long Hau Industrial Park constantly invests time and money to improve its infrastructure, environment protection methods, etc. In addition, Long Hau Company has obtained a number of precious international and national rewards regarding environment in recent years. This is a testimony for Long Hau efforts in establish an ideal environment for businesses.

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