GOBRANDING working environment review

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GOBRANDING has been a successful business in the field of Online Marketing for more than 20 years. The company was established in 2012 with cooperation between Vietnam and Japan. After 10 years, GOBRANDING has become one of the highlight names in the Vietnam market in the Digital Branding industry. So, is the working environment at this company really good? Let’s find the answer in the following GOBRANDING working environment review in this article.

1. Overview about GOBRANDING Company

GOBRANDING Company stands for brand name from Global Online Branding Joint Stock Company. This is a professional company whose main activity is providing high-quality and reputable Online Marketing services to domestic and foreign customers over 20 years in both Vietnam and Japan markets. The Company’s Leadership team are also Japanese and Vietnamese experts with over 10 years of experience in the Digital Branding and Business Development industry. At the present, the company still has strong growth and has gotten high ranking for itself in the competitive market thanks to focusing on many valuable services, but the two main services are Digital Content and SEO.

2. Is the working environment at GOBRANDING good?

The answer is yes. Whether you are an intern looking to gain experience in a professional environment or an official employee of the company, you can receive many valuable benefits from the working environment here. Let’s see what they are:

2.1. Professional working environment 

GOBRANDING company is a professional company from the way of working, creating tasks to the general culture of the company. First, the working environment here has strict regulations on working time. Employees working at the company must ensure that they come to work at 8 AM, the outfit is suitable to office style, and the time spent on performing tasks is also strictly managed by their superiors. For some new employees, they may feel uncomfortable due to these regulations. However, the company wants to set these standards with the aim of raising awareness for each individual in the company, from the general culture to their performance in work. This contributes to building a professional working environment at GOBRANDING in all aspects in the eyes of both employees and clients when referring to the brand.

2.2. Tasks effective management

The company implements project management and employee performance based on a combination of Agile – Scrum philosophy with PMI project management standards. GOBRANDING has applied Redmind software that helps Superiors manage projects and tasks within that project closely. All tasks in this software can be assigned from managers or created by employees.

However, as mentioned, the time spent on each task in the project is closely managed, then the Leadership and Manager will analyze how much time you spend on each task. Is it reasonable to spend such time? Is such performance good or not? Do you need to improve anything during the work process?… From there, employees and superiors will discuss to make adjustments in implementation time and work arrangement. This not only helps employees improve their time management skills but also helps ensure the company’s project progress is complete effectively.

2.3. Enthusiastic and friendly staff

Although working in a professional office environment, employees at GOBRANDING not only support each other at work but also create many interesting activities to connect all departments in the company such as happy hours, holidays or annual teambuilding events. In addition, if you want to find teammates to order milk tea or coffee with to restore energy during work, GOBRANDING’s employees are always willing to join you whether it’s morning or afternoon.

2.4. Gain valuable experience from Leaders

Team leaders and managers are always the ones who lead projects to success. Although they have many important responsibilities, Superiors at GOBRANDING are always ready to answer questions or support employees anytime when they need. Besides, they also share useful experiences that help employees not only be useful in their current job but can also be applied in other working environments and in daily life. Furthermore, BOD always creates conditions for employees’ team to show their strengths, unique initiative, or technique skills to contribute to the success of the projects and please the clients.

3. Should I work at GOBRANDING long term?

In the past, there have been people who have given negative reviews after experiencing working at GOBRANDING. But now it’s a different story. Currently, the company has made changes in business structure, management processes, especially always try to listen to employees’ opinions. Thanks to their effort in organizational change, GOBRANDING received many positive reviews from both former and people who are working at the company such as the professional environment, learning many valuable things and other remuneration policies for employees. At the same time, employees who achieve excellent results during the month or quarter will receive rewards from the company’s Board of Directors.

>> Let’s find GOBRANDING company’s review from an employee who have worked at the company.

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